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John Heague (also known as English John) and Pat Heague came to California from Liverpool on their honeymoon in 1979 and decided to stay. John and his partners started Battlefield Adventures as a military collectibles store, and through the years it has evolved to the all-encompassing outdoor equipment provider it is today. Battlefield Adventures is family owned and operated. John and Pats son Timmy grew up in the store, helping with the business. He was so knowledgeable about the products that at 8, he could pose as the manager and answer peoples questions! Each of our employees meets with product reps and knows about the quality and origins of the items we provide. We have the knowledge to answer all of your questions and help you choose the equipment that meets your needs.


Battlefield Adventures is a Ventura, California family owned paintball center company. Since 1985 Battlefield Adventures has established an airsoft supply store division, offered ammunition supplier and developed a knives dealer service for its Ventura clients in Ventura County. Battlefield Adventures has become Ventura local paintball center favorite!

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